Charitable Movers in Midlothian Texas

Why We Move Families In Need for Free

Many people ask why we do this. Why take time away from our family to open a business on top of an already established career. The answer is simple. It’s not about the income but the impact we have in our community. We met in the police academy nearly ten years ago and have become friends fast. Our wives knew each other since they were 4 years old, but bonding over motorcycles, family, and the police department solidified our friendship and catapulted in owning a business together.

As Dallas police officers, we dedicated our lives to our community, to serve and protect. In our experience, we have seen lots of people in tough and destitute situations just needing a helping hand. We wanted to do something to give back to our community and offer assistance to those in need. We found that moving is one of the most stressful experiences to go through, and we had the means to lessen the stress. Thus, Charitable Movers began.

We started the company as another way to provide financial stability to our families, but also to use our services for those in need. We searched for families who needed to move but just might not have the means to hire professionals. We did this to give our community relief in times of trials.

One such story is of the Renners. Audrey Renner’s husband, Cody, passed away trying to rescue a baby calf in a stock pond, leaving behind his daughter and another daughter on the way. Part of Cody’s compensation package was a ranch house, meaning Audrey and her girls needed to relocate. Charitable Movers showed up ready to help and completed the move in a single day. Cody built the girls a wooden swing set in their backyard, and we knew we couldn’t just leave it behind. Our team removed and reassembled the swing set in their new home.

We knew this family just needed some relief during this terrible time. Audrey teaches second grade and with the school year starting soon and her baby’s due date coming closer, we knew we could lighten her load literally as well as financially. After completing her move, we handed her the invoice stating there was no charge for our services. I think this quote pretty much sums it up best.


After soliciting several different moving companies Audrey was led to Shawn Warren at Charitable Movers & Packers. She agreed upon the bid estimate and Shawn and team showed up ready to get her moved. We had no idea at the time that at the end of the move Audrey was presented with an invoice that stated “No Charge”. They moved the entire household in one day and placed everything in it’s place in the new home (they also removed and replaced a wooden swing-set for the girls that was built by their late Daddy).

Two weeks before this past Christmas we were once again humbled and grateful as Charitable Movers had shown up unsolicited to decorate Audrey’s house for Christmas and leave presents for her and the girls that can only be described as incredible. The joy that my daughter and granddaughter’s received from this wonderful and caring organization are forever scribed on all of our hearts. They went above and beyond of their desire “to give back”.

Jay Swoveland


Looking at those girls’ faces light up on seeing their newly decorated home and the presents under the tree resonated within our hearts. That was why we do what we do. We do this to help those who have fallen on hard times or are going through a difficult situation. We do this to help our neighbors, friends, community. We do this to impact those around us. One move at a time.

If you know of a family we could sponsor, contact us.