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Using the Right Boxes for Each Room During a Move

It’s moving time, and you know what that means! Time to gather all the boxes you possibly can so you can safely pack up all your earthly belongings within a span of just weeks. With so many things to think about in preparation for your move, packing ranks right up there on the priority list.

You may think the best way is the quickest way: simply throw stuff in boxes, dresser drawers, luggage and trash bags and be on your way. However, this is a good way to lose and break things, making the moving process more of a hassle than it has to be. Here are some tips on packing boxes for every room in the house:


The kitchen often represents the biggest challenge because it contains so many heavy things as well as small gadgets and tools that can easily be broken or lost. Plus, everything in this room seems to breakable, from glassware and dishes to platters and small appliances. Choose boxes that are made for dishes, stemware, etc. These will have dividers that will make it much easier to pack your items safely.


Closets contain a lot of shoes, purses, clothing and just plain junk. These are often repositories for all the stuff that you couldn’t think of a better place for. But when it comes to your nice suits or dresses, you don’t want to just throw those into a box, as you’ll have to iron or dry clean them upon arrival at the new place. To keep them wrinkle-free, use wardrobe boxes that will keep your fancy things flat.


Plastic bins are great for packing bedroom items, plus you can use them for storage later.  This is why these are worth the initial investment. Pile clothing, sheets, and comforters into labeled bins. It’s a good idea to get clear ones so you can easily spot what’s inside. For example, you’ll need your pajamas and slippers to be accessible so you can wear them on your first night in the new place.

Home Office

For all your important documents and folders, use banker boxes and portfolios so you don’t have to reorganize your office once you have moved and unpacked. These strong boxes with handle slots are designed to store files and supplies, electronic keyboards, and monitors ideal for moderate stacking or shelving. With convenient tote handles, you can easily carry them, and they provide ample room for labeling as well.

Contact Charitable Movers and Packers

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