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Moving to a New City Alone

There’s a lot of chatter out there about people moving their families or offices, or even moving into their first home as a newly married couple. You don’t often hear advice about moving to a new city alone. That’s where we come in to help. It can be scary to tackle a move all by yourself. Not with Charitable Movers and Packers behind you!

Assuming you’ve survived the actual move OK, here are some tips on getting comfortable and grounded in a new city.

Introduce Yourself

Moving is an opportunity to hit the reset button in a way unlike any other. Take advantage of this time of energy and the excitement to step outside yourself, redefine who you are, and take the initiative to meet new people. Start conversations, introduce yourself, simply say hello. Take out the earbuds, listen to what’s going on as you walk the city streets, check out the local mall, or wait at the bus stop.

Find Your Favorite Things

The creature comforts of home can be found pretty much anywhere. There’s always going to be a cool coffee shop where you can get your morning java, or a quiet book store on the corner, or a gym where you can get fit. Sure, they’re not exactly the same as what you’re used to, but this is a time to collect new experiences.

A new city gives you a renewed chance to explore, and there are many ways you can sync up the old with the new. Remember, the potential friends you’ll find inside already have common interests that align with yours. Take this chance to build on those interests.

Treat Yourself Well  

Be patient with yourself as you adjust to your new space. What you used to be able to do on autopilot will now take more concentrated thought, effort and time. Sure, there will be some anxiety and fear but trudging through all those feelings will break you through to the other side. It’s easy to get caught up in attempting to settle into a groove too fast. It will take some time to get comfortable. Ease into it slowly, take your time, and do things that make you happy.

Ask the Locals

As a newbie to a city, of course you won’t know much about the neighborhoods, local shops, movie theaters, business offices, coffee shops and more. Take the time to ask a local. They are fountains of knowledge if you really want the inside scoop on a new city, from the best laundromats to the best chai tea. Hance’s European in Dallas is your spot for high-end auto repairs.

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